GLOBALTEAM implements programs and projects that change/improve corporate culture and employee morale. GLOBALTEAM serves our clients with a dedication to prudently improve sales, market share, and profits. GLOBALTEAM offers a wide range of sales and marketing operating ‘solutions’ including:

Custom-design and implement:
  • Merchandising systems: Trade Channel Merchandising Standards, Impulse Purchase Point Merchandising Standards, Merchandising Standards Manuals, and GLOBALSCORE Merchandising Audit
  • Selling systems: Training, routing, job descriptions, Key Business Indicators for Conventional Ex-Van, Pre-Sell, and Tel-Sell
  • Distribution systems: Training and routing for Internal Conventional or Pre-Sell delivery systems, and External
    delivery systems through distributors and wholesalers
  • Promotional systems: concept design and execution of Brand Introductions, Special Events, and In-Store Sampling
Customized Training:
  • books
  • merchandising skills
  • selling skills
  • negotiating skills
  • team leader skills
  • orientation programs
Customized Computer Programs:
  • GLOBALSCORE Merchandising Audit©
  • RouteRider©
  • SalesRepFocus©
  • PriceCheck©
  • DisplayCheck©
Customized Video and Multi-Media Programs:
  • corporate videos
  • training videos
  • promotional videos
  • interactive, virtual tour web sites with spherical 360-degree imaging