Testimonial Letters from Satisfied Clients:

“I wish to strongly thank GLOBALTEAM for your outstanding contribution in upgrading the merchandising function in Tunisia.”

Faycal Zitouni, Senior Operational Marketing Manager for Beverage Services Tunisia, The Coca-Cola Company, Tunisia

“I can guarantee that GLOBALTEAM are not only great professionals but also fun people. Working with them was a pleasure and a great experience.”

Dr. Ferrucio Fiordispini, Marketing Director Europe, ConvaTec,
A Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Italy

“We contracted GLOBALTEAM to help us reorganize our Sales and Merchandising Departments. Our image in the market was poor and sales were stagnating. We had no standards, no proper training and no motivation -- many action teams, but no actions. GLOBALTEAM came in and did an extremely thorough job; top management as well as middle management were actively involved and committed to the project. Under the guidance of GLOBALTEAM, we reorganized our distribution system from a traditional geographical system to distribution by Trade Channels. Practical merchandising standards were set up, emphasizing the importance of corporate and vertical blocking. We began to understand the importance of first in traffic flow, good housekeeping, pricing and increasing Impulse Purchase Points. The results -- market share increased by 5% for carbonated soft drink products and 6% for juices. Sales staff and merchandisers took pride in their work. They saw the results. The culture has changed. Twice a year members of GLOBALTEAM and our own staff conduct a GLOBALSCORE Merchandising Audit© so we can monitor our progress. Members of GLOBALTEAM must be the most hardworking people I’ve come across and quite dedicated to their work. Professional and honest they helped us evaluate results, refocus our priorities and explore new ways of increasing sales in the marketplace. We value their work and friendship.”

Hebe Lanitis, Commercial Director, Lanitis Bros., Cyprus

“Our sales and marketing people are very supportive of the GLOBALSCORE Merchandising Audit© system and want to make the difference that will bring Red Bull to the next level of its development. I am confident that implementing merchandising excellence at the point of purchase through GLOBALSCORE© will move us closer and closer to our per capita destination whilst at the same time position our brand in an acceptable and systematic way across all Trade Channels. One of our key objectives for 2004 is increasing our availability and visibility, which the GLOBALSCORE© concept is all about. It has been great to watch our team stretch the boundaries of merchandising excellence.”

William Donnelly, Commercial Director Red Bull, Upper Edge, Ireland

“Compania Cerecerias Unidas (CCU) of Chile implemented an in-field marketing project designed by GLOBALTEAM. The project included development of merchandising standards and delivery of merchandising training to sales managers, supervisor and salesmen. When put into practice, the principles of merchandising allowed us to reach to goal of increasing the sales and giving our products the due visibility and attractive image in outlets all across Chile. The GLOBALTEAM project covered 4,000 km, implemented CCU merchandising standards in over 5,000 outlets, installed hundreds of racks and coolers, and filled them with thousands of cases of CCU’s products. Our self-esteem, professional pride, and love toward our Company had never been at such a high level. Apart from the incremental sales of our beer, soft drinks, mineral water, and juice, the project has had a life-lasting impact on the young salesmen, sales supervisors and managers from the personal and professional viewpoint. It taught all of us that well planned teamwork makes us able to achieve high goals.”

Gabriel Ortega Jauneau, Southern Divisional Manager, CCU Brewery, Temuco, Chile
“Using a curious mixture of in-classroom and in-market teaching techniques, GLOBALTEAM Consultants succeeded in transmitting valuable selling skills to our sales force that resulted in increased in-outlet stock levels. Also, by implementing consistent merchandising standards, GLOBALTEAM Consultants were able to significantly increase consumer purchases. Our breweries are enjoying one of the highest year-on-year sales growths in Europe in good part due to the outstanding GLOBALTEAM operational marketing foundation of profitable systems for selling, distributing, and merchandising.”

Igor de Sa Faria, Group Operational Marketing Manager, ECM Brewery, Portugal

“Browar Okocim Brewery in Poland hired GLOBALTEAM International Marketing Consultants, Inc. to design and implement merchandising standards for our national and international brands of beer. During this project GLOBALTEAM Marketing Consultants worked with our sales and marketing people to develop consistent merchandising standards for all Poland. In order to understand our products and clients, GLOBALTEAM Marketing Consultants went on routes with our sales representatives every day and then had meetings with our marketing department and our advertising agency. Working in this manner, GLOBALTEAM developed Browar Okocim Merchandising Standards that were acceptable to everyone in our organization. These standards were also approved by Carlsberg International. GLOBALTEAM then conducted training sessions for our managers, supervisors, and sales representatives. Finally, GLOBALTEAM went out with our sales representatives and physically implemented these merchandising standards in Polish outlets. This was a unique type of effective peer-training that made the physical work challenging and…fun.”

Piotr Lyczko, Regional Sales Manager, Browar Okocim Brewery, Poland

“The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the significant impact GLOBALTEAM has had on our soft drink business in majority of the 23 countries we operate. GLOBALTEAM designed and implemented successful Trade Channel merchandising standards, implemented selling systems, did dynamic and dedicated field training, and -- especially during the spring months -- conducted GLOBALTEAM Execution Teams for Merchandising. It was thanks to GLOBALTEAM’s commitment and efforts that the concept of ‘field implementation’ was raised to prominence and became one of the primary ingredients in the success of our Group of Coca‑Cola Bottlers in Europe, Africa, and Russia. That is why when I accepted an executive position with another company I hired GLOBALTEAM International Marketing Consultants, Inc. to assist with our merchandising needs in the cigarette industry.”

Tito K. Komninos, former Managing Director of Hellenic Group of Coca‑Cola Bottlers, and former Chairman and CEO, Papastratos Cigarette Manufacturing Company and distributor of Marlboro cigarettes, Greece

“We are proceeding with printing of your GLOBALTEAM training manuals for the distribution throughout the Coca‑Cola system worldwide of Successful Practices for Cooler and Vendor Management.”

Foy Meyer, Director, Worldwide Council on Manufacturing and Logistic, Technical Operations Division, The Coca‑Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“O trabalho desempenhado pela GLOBALTEAM tem sido de boa qualidade na organizacao e execucao das tarefas. Todos os elementos tem-se mostrado cumpridores de todas as directrizes do projecto e essencialmente tem conseguido motivar todas as pessoas que ao longo do tempo tem participado no projecto merchandising. Tem-me agradado o trabalho realizado nos pontos de venda, a orientacao para os objectivos propostos, a pontualidade evidenciada.”

Tiago Gouveia, Gestor do Projecto, UNICER S.A., Portugal